Oferta de capacitación Certificate Programs





For Pre-school English teachers and parents of pre-school children 3 modules (9 weeks each) – 144 hours – $450 ($150 per module)

  1. Early Childhood Learning (48 hours)

    Participants reflect on what it means to learn English communicatively within the context of the High Scope Plan-Do-Review model which integrates children’s intentions and interests with learning objectives and play. Participants will analyze and plan science/social study units related to cooking, animals and insects.

  2. Children’s Literature (48 hours)

    Participants read children’s books in English and plan print-rich learning environments where the magical world of reading in English helps children to love and want to read for pleasure as well as learning.

  3. Assessing Young Learners (48 hours)

    Participants assess children’s progress in learning to communicate communicative progress in English using dialogs, checklists and rubrics during every day activities.


The TEFL Program introduces participants to the principles and techniques of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). Students are required to complete three courses/subjects as well as a four-hour Practicum and two Micro Teaching experiences during each course/subject. Learners will first set personal goals and strategies for reaching them.
This program is offered both on-site at the UCG campus in Guayaquil, and On-line for participants throughout the country.

3 Modules – 144 Hours – $450 ($150 per module)
9 weeks per module, approx. 8 months for the program.

  1. Teaching Listening & Speaking

    Trainees design activities that motivate listening and speaking using techniques such as information gap activities, role plays and group work. The module includes micro-teaching and a required practicum.

  2. Teaching Reading & Writing

    Trainees design activities that help students improve their reading and writing skills in English within a communicative framework. A 4 hour practicum and 2 Micro-teaching experiences are required. The Module Teaching Listening and Speaking is a pre-requisite for this module.

  3. Assessment

    Assessment, the last of three modules for the TEFL Certificate, focuses on evaluating students, teachers, and materials in programs where English is taught communicatively.


(144 horas en 3 Módulos)

The Advanced TEFL Certificate program introduces in-service teachers to constructivist principles which support communicative language classes as well as subjects taught in English. It is a 126 hour program taught in three modules. Students are required to complete attendance and academic requirements in order to receive the certificate.

I. Cooperative Learning (48 hours)

Cooperative Learning aims to provide in-service English teachers with tools that lead to the successful use of team learning in their classrooms. Students will study and practice the techniques through role plays, case studies and group and individual projects.

II. Bilingual Content Area Instruction (48 hours)

This course introduces strategies for integrating English language instruction with content-based EFL instruction in science and social studies using on-line components.

III. Planning and Evaluating with TESOL Standards (48 hours)

English classes around the world are beginning to use standards to guide planning and to assure program accountability. This course introduces in-service teachers to planning and teaching with standards.


Dirigido a profesores de todos niveles interesados enseñar en entornos virtuales utilizando las herramientas web 2.0.


Dentro del contexto constructivista, este certificado desarrolla destrezas para:

  • Diseñar y facilitar cursos en línea.
  • Rediseñar cursos presenciales para una modalidad semi-presencial o a distancia.
  • Facilitar y evaluar cursos ofrecidos a través de una plataforma digital.

El certificado consiste en 5 cursos (15 créditos). Cada curso tiene 3 créditos que equivale a 48 horas de clases, 39 horas a través del Internet y 9 horas presenciales.