About UCG

Starting in 1992 we have formed professionals capable of changing the society we live in, who are ready to work, to be entrepreneurs, to go out in the world, and succeed. Professionals who learned how to learn every day.

UCG is a small, tropical, creative, enthusiastic, curious, demanding, secure, social orientated environment; where our students, teachers, staff and visitors know that something new will happen every day. Something that will change them, somehow.

Our educational proposal aims to satisfy the needs of society with new paradigms of an education focused on constant change, preparing socially responsible, efficient, ethical, creative and committed professionals, imbued with global awareness of external realities.

Our International Department


To lead the process of internationalization at Universidad Casa Grande and maintain a close interconnection with the international systems, in hopes of opening up to new visions, trends, challenges and exchanges generated by the global context.

Our Action Lines

  • Internationalization of the curriculum
  • Agreements and cooperation relationships
  • Memberships, networks and accreditations
  • Pre-Professional Practicums
  • Exchanges / Academic field trips
  • Movility / Visits / Scholarships
  • Exchanges
  • Academic field trips
  • Visits
  • Scholarships
  • Pre-Professional Practicums

Important Alliances

One of the best ways to attain internationalization is building important alliances which enable us to provide better (and more) opportunities for the members of our student community. Some of these alliances include:

Center for Interamerican Studies, based in Cuenca, Ecuador. This strategic partner is the organism that receives incoming students from our partner universities abroad, who seek a closer approach to the Spanish language and the Latin-American culture. This enables students to have a first immersion in a city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (CEDEI)


(ISEP) International Student Exchange Program. A network that encompasses over 350 universities in over 50 countries in the world, allowing our students to complete one or two exchange semesters in any of the member institutions. We are the only university in Ecuador that belongs to this prestigious network, which offers our students a unique and highly enriching opportunity.


International Advertising Association. Organism which endorses studies completed, by our students, in the fields of Advertising, Strategic Communication, Design and Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication and provides them with a double degree – of the highest international standard – and certification that they are ready to enter the competitive advertising industry.  (IAA)

Moreover, there are additional networks and organisms which are further detailed under Membresías y Redes.

Get to know us

[email protected]
+593 42 202180 ext. 186


+593 42 202180 ext. 186

Outbound Coordinator
[email protected]
+593 42 202180 ext. 191

[email protected]
+593 42 202180 ext. 186


Academic Calendar

Spring Ordinary 3

January – April
3 weeks
48 hours
(3 credits)
8 weeks
192 hours
4 subjects
(12 credits)
Work experience
or voluntary
5 weeks
150 hours

    Summer Ordinary 1 Semester

    April – August

    16 weeks
    240 hours
    5 subjects
    (15 credits)

    Summer Ordinary 2 Semester

    End August – December
    6 weeks
    240 hours
    5 subjects
    (15 credits)

    Credit System

    The majority of classes at Casa Grande count for 3 credits, and international students can take a maximum of 5-6 classes (or 15-18 credits). We issue official transcripts in Spanish or English that will be sent to your home university in order to complete the credit transfer.

    Our grading scale is the following:


    Rango de calificación /Grade Points Conversión/ Letter Grade Equivalencia cualitativa/ Description in words
    10.00 a 9.80 A+


    Excelente / Excellent

    9.79 a 9.50 A
    9.49 a 9.00 A-
    8.99 a 8.80 B+


    Muy bueno / Very Good

    8.79 a 8.60 B
    8.59 a 8.40 B-
    8.39 a 8.30 C+


    Bueno / Good

    8.29 a 8.10 C
    8.09 a 7.90 C-
    7.89 a 7.70 D+


    Regular / Satisfactory (7.45= Pass/ Aprobado)

    7.69 a 7.60 D
    7.59 a 7.45 D-
    7.44 a 0.00 F Reprobado / Fail

    Application Process

    Submit all of the application forms and documents below to the Department of International Relations before the semester deadline. 

    Send documents and forms to: inbound@casagrande.edu.ec

    How can I apply?

    Application Deadlines
    Spring Intensive
    January – April
    January 15th
    Ordinary 1
    April – August
    April 15th

    Ordinary 2
    August – December 

    October 15th


    Host family: International students can stay with families who are in a way related to the university, the families of our students, staff or others close to the Casa Grande Community. The cost of living in a family includes half board. ($2020)*

    Independent housing: If the students prefer to stay independently, there are options of student houses and hostels available.  The option to rent a bedroom or suit is also suitable. ($300-450 monthly)*

     *All fees subject to fluctuation based on seasonal prices.

    If you will arrive earlier than the program starts and need additional information on hostals and hotels please click here.

    Pre-departure information

    Upon acceptance to our exchange program you will receive the following:

    • Acceptance Letter
    • Visa Information
    • Orientation guide to International students including:

    We do recommend that you check our Country Handbook for further information


    If you need more detailed information to enter Casa Grande University, contact the Admissions Department:

     (+593 4) 372 6250 ext. 3020 ó 3024.
    [email protected]
    In front of C.C. Albán Borja. Ilanes & Av. Carlos Julio Arosemena, Edificio Mayor, Planta Baja.

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